Salesforce Alternatives 2019

Salesforce is highly rated and wide-ranging marketing automation tools. It connects with your customers by sales, customer service, marketing, communities, apps, analytics,etc., It is fully cloud-based automation tool. It is one of the top-ranking CRM solutions for medium to large businesses. Some competitors offer more additional features compared to salesforce. Let see the top alternatives.

 Salesforce Alternatives for 2019

  1. Infusionsoft
  2. Ontraport
  3. Zoho
  4.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  5. Solve360


Infusionsoft is one of the popular marketing automation tools mainly suitable for small businesses. It provides good relationship within the customers. It is one of the cost-effective marketing automation tools. Compare to other it is very ess expensive, equally effective CRM solutions. It can handle the wide range of tasks, content management, sales, and e-commerce.

The price ranges based on the users for 3 users the price start at  $199 per month for 4 users the price is $299 per month for 5 users the price is $379 per month and for 10 users the price is $599 per month. It offers an effective CRM but some users find it difficult to manages the process. If the user clearly understands and learn how to use the Infusionsoft then they find a new platform and make the process more effective.

It provides marketing tool and comprehensive sales for small and medium- sized businesses. It will reduce the problems and gives you ideas of reducing and cleaning internal obstacles for business growth. It always follows the goal and work towards the goal and give the strong relationships between the customer.

It offers training and provides full support until you are comforted with each and every aspect. If you are the new customer then they will train and reported to take 4-12 weeks. This training includes each and every sales process and teaches you the advantage, disadvantage of marketing that helps to handle each and every situation.It provides high automation features for marketing, billing and project management processes.

Advantages of infusionsoft : 

User interface – It offers the best-designed user interface that helps for marketing. It supports visual campaign builder, that makes the craft for more complex sequences.

Great integration & API – It contains 300+ apps for marketing and sales process. The Infusionsoft API and their Zapier integration help you to connect hundreds of third-party tools.

Great support & training – It provides good and quality training for all the customers.

Scalability – It is very easy to track the contacts and contact’s behavior across multiple marketing channels.

Built-in shopping cart / eCommerce – It offers payment processing, order forms, and inventory tracking directly within the tool.

Cons of infusionsoft :

Deliverability rates – Deliverability service is not soo good, compare to the other tools. some tools allow you to create new and dedicated IP address for sending and receiving emails but in the Infusionsoft tool is not functioning properly.

Kickstart fee – It charge for kickstart fee of $1999. This makes some customers off.

No native integrations – It does not support third-party integration tools. Many of the inbuilt apps require an additional ongoing cost


Ontraport is one of the automation platforms suitable for large,small businesses and entrepreneurs.  It has great customer service.

Pros :

Pricing – It provides good services with low cost. This provides all features and ability to store 25,000 contacts and send 100,000 emails. It supports for both small and large business.

Mobile App – It supports both an iPhone and android app. It is very easy to use and send emails without any problems.

Shopping cart features – It having large and impressive shopping cart features. This offers automatic credit card payment collections and to the upsells, cross-sells, and cart abandonment sequences

Great community – It support facebook users and also an annual event in Santa Barbara.

Cons :

Dashboard user interface – Their reporting dashboard isn’t particularly intuitive or visually appealing.


Zoho CRM automatically reviews the daily sales activities. It will customize the sales process and make it fit for your operations and it also converts prospects into accounts. It import leads from outside sources and it also matches hot leads with other sales reps.

It will view the daily work activities, monitor the sales process and engage customers on various platforms. Zoho mobile app can get updates quickly and in real time. It integrating with popular apps namely Google Apps, ConstantConnect, QuickBooks, MailChimp, and Microsoft Outlook and it also integrates with cloud-based connectors.

Zoho offers a very flexible pricing plan. It begins with a free version and this version supports up to 10 users and support features like accounts, contacts, mobile apps,etc., Paid service package price starts at   $12/month per user and it increased to $20, and $35/month per user contracts. It also offers premium package, the price starts at $15/month Free version package offers all the functionalities and it is suitable for small business. this free version service includes contact management, analysis, social collaboration, etc,

It provides great benefits for small business they help to growth in long-term services. In premium packages sometimes takes more steps for the simple task. Some users having more steps of the learning curve, it difficult to get a start and it takes more time to take in a process.

Advantage of Zoho CRM

It offers Opportunity Tracking feature that helps you to see the customer is in the sales cycle, and also view their competitor profile, contact history,etc., These all features are accessed by Dynamic Reports and Dashboards. It automatically updates the software.

The Business Card View enables you to access speedily all customer data in one window so that you can’t search for the contacts. The Notes section displays the time and content of previous conversations to enable more personal and logical communication.

Disadvantages of Zoho CRM

Some features need few improvements that made the app even better. Bugs occur in few features and they are solved with some patches. The response time of the customer is very low compared to other tools that have to be improved.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is second largest marketing automation. It focused on customer relationship management.It uses social shares, campaign management, business intelligence to boost your sales. It supports cloud services.

Cloud service packages start at $50 per user per month if you need additional features then the price increase to $65 and $85 per user per month. It contains multiple dashboards, Microsoft products.It offers built-in marketing and automation tools.

It integrates each and every department into a single platform. The interface is more attractive and more effective. Mainly it is designed for large organization. The reporting tools are effective and it offers comprehensive features for automation process.  Microsoft posts a step-by-step guide to onboarding online.


The speed of Deployment –  It allows you to start the new CRM project in a day instead of months or weeks. Cloud partner integrated with Sharepoint and Microsoft Lync to increase the productivity and gain more profits.

Business Focus – It is fully focused on the business. It will train the business objective, marketing, automation tools and CRM tools.

Try before Buy – You can also use the trail before you buy. You can import data, and customize the application,etc., 


Security Perception – Cloud partners have some issues on security. Sometimes your customer data is out of your control.

Adding a middleman – If any problem occurs, you could jump in, investigate and fix the problem yourself. You should need more knowledge about the deployment leading to faster resolution.


Solve360 is very easy to use and it has no need hardware and software requirements.  Solve360 is a young, edgy CRM suitable for small businesses and it including freelancers. It provides lots of features includes pre-integrated cloud applications ie it supports MailChimp and Constant Contact, email linking, reporting, custom fields and category tags.

A mobile app integrates client information with incoming calls.It is a lot cheaper to use the price varies for packages. there are four packages with different  features namely

  • Basic – $39 / month, 3 users
  • Plus – $69 / month, 6 users
  • Select – $100 / month, 4 users
  • Pro – $149 / month, 18 users

It does not need more training compare to other marketing automation tools.  If you run a young-minded, cutting-edge business, you might also appreciate Solve360’s cool flair.

Hope our list of Salesforce alternatives helped you find the best one. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions.

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