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About Ontraport:

Interested about Ontraport Software. We have included the latest information about Ontraport and updated it recently on Jan 10 , 2019.

Ontraport was founded by Landon Ray in 2006 for solving the problem every entrepreneur’s faces in their business to manage their customers and their business and thus Ontraport was born. Now Ontraport offers Marketing Automation, Email, SMS, Direct Email and also workflow automation such as recruiting.

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Ontraport Review:

Contacts :

You can collect contact details of your customers and you can also automatically collect email and save on the contacts features of Ontraport.

  • Contact log – This provides you with all of your contacts and interactions made with your contacts such as email, email opens, links clicked on email etc.
  • Task manager –  a record of tasks open or completed for this person.  You can also create a task.
  • Purchase history – details of items purchased.

Tracking :

The tracking of clicks and conversion can be set up for online campaigns. Offline campaign can also be tracked by using a separate landing page and tracking the options and conversions for that page.

Ontraport Automation :

Ontraport automation helps you with four functions they are

  1. Publish
  2. Market
  3. Sell
  4. Organise


Publish a beautiful, mobile responsive website with a few clicks. Create an own page based on the current situation.

ONTRApages – Create a beautiful and personalized pages in a minute with the help of page builder. Each and every  page is suitable for any of the screen such as desktop, tablets, mobiles, etc,

ONTRAforms – It allows to collect the client information with fully customizable web forms. It looks like boxes you can put this form into ONTRAPORT web pages or any other website. Based on your wish you make the form as a pop-up form or any other options.

ONTRAPORT Marketplace – It allows you to purchase ONTRApages, ONTRAmail, and ONTRAforms templates. This makes you very easy for sharing your ideas. You can also create your own pages and forms and then share or sell them on the ONTRAPORT Marketplace.

Webforms – It allows you to collect client information. You can put this webform on your blog, your pages. ONTRAPORT Smart Forms allows you to track your page history which includes page visitors and contact’s interaction with your site.

WordPress Integration –  Wordpress is one of the best and popular CMS.Ontraport helps you to integrate WordPress site, post, images, videos and even personalize your site for each visitor with CRM data.

Facebook Integration – Similar to the WordPress integration Ontraport allows you to integrate facebook.You can directly integrate your CRM sales, marketing data with your facebook Ad program.


Ontraport allows you to market your business through emails, SMS, postcards and more.

Marketing Automation – There are various ways to market your business through email, phone calls, direct mail postcards, SMS. Ontraport provides the separate platform for marketing which contains multi-channel marketing automation toolset that will help you to know the customer needs and services.

ONTRAmail Email Marketing – It allows you to create beautiful and responsive emails with a few clicks.

2-way SMS Messaging – It allows you to personalized text messaging with your prospects and customers. You can automatically send the response at any time based on what they sent in their message.

Postcard Marketing – It allows you to send physical postcards directly to the mailboxes of your contacts.You can send appointment reminders, special offers and thank-you cards,etc.,

Partner Programs – ONTRAPORT’s partner management system give your referrers the tools and reports and it offers a number of features

Marketing Tracking – It will track your every contact and analyze the marking condition of your site.

PURLs – PURLs are customized links that include each prospect’s name. It allows you to identify the each visitors.


Ontraport allows you to sell your products and services with more secure way.

Order Forms – create a customizable, beautiful and secure order forms that will help you to place an order.In this template, there will be the option for accepting credit cards and PayPal process.

Trials, Subscriptions, Coupons and Payment Plans – This includes free and payable trails, delayed payment for the products. It also contains coupons for some of the products. shipping and taxes option are customizable. Payment options are available and more secure.

One-click Upsells – You can sell more than one products. It provides special offers for the web buyers. It is very easy for the sellers and web buyers.

Lead Management and Scoring – It will automatically provide you a flexible and hottest leads lead scoring by using the lead management.

Task Management – It will provide a notification for internet tasking. Once you have completed the task you can track automatically track the next process.

Abandoned Cart Follow-up – Most of the purchases are made after the fourth contact. For the known contacts, they will send an abandoned cart follow-up and made them buy.


Powerful CRM – It will allow you to collect all the completed records and create a customizable, beautiful database.It will also allow you to create new custom views includes purchase and contact history and custom data.

Business Automation –  ONTRAPORT is the powerful business automation tools. It is easy to create task management and internal business processes.

Custom Objects –  ONTRAPORT allows you to build custom record types and link them together to create the complete picture of your business data. Every custom object has its own API and you can even automate follow-up around these custom records using ONTRAPORTs powerful automation.

Metrics Dashboard – This Dashboard is the drag and drop interface allows you to arrange your metrics to suit your needs, giving you what you need, right where you need it.

ONTRAPORT Mobile – It is available for all iPhone and Android devices. In your mobile account, you will have your entire list of contacts and all details associated with each individual Contact Record.

Secure Open API –  ONTRAPORT’s API is more secure and automatically allows you to create, access, add, delete or edit your account information. you can also integrate with any other software tools.

Integration Partners – ONTRAPORT has extensive integrations with dozens of complementary services including shopping carts, accounting software, marketing tools and much more.

ONTRAPORT Projects – It will give you an opportunity to training with product experts. so that you can easily implement in your business. It will give you steps for your projects and make it easy .

Ontraport Plans And Pricing:

Ontraport provides the various plan.

Basic Plan:

This plan costs 79$ per month and includes

  • 1000 Contacts
  • Unlimited Email
  • 1 User only
  • No Free Setup

Pro Plan:

This plan cost 297$ per month

  • 25,000 contacts
  • 100,000 emails/month
  • 2 users
  • 2 hours free setup

Team Plan:

This plan costs 597$ per month

This plan provides

  • 100,000 contacts
  • 100,000 emails/month
  • 10 users
  • 2 hours free setup

Try A Free Demo:

They offer a free demo so you can check out the features and try it yourself.


Finally, if you are in confusion to choose Ontraport or infusionsoft or any other software. I suggest you read about all of them before deciding to go with one in our site.

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