Mailchimp Review 2019


MailChimp is a web-based email marketing service provider . Even though data can be downloaded and for some features there is an offline application as well. MailChimp features and integrations allow you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns.We are always looking for smart, creative people to join our team and enjoy the services. MailChimp employees enjoy the stability of a time-tested and successful product, and the develops new products and features.

MailChimp Pricing and plans :

Mailchimp Pricing

Email Marketing Packages :

If you choose Free plan then it allows you to send 12,000 emails per month to less than 2,000 accounts.If you want to send newsletter to all your subscribers at least once a month, then you will quickly outgrow this plan.Because the free plan also doesn’t give you analytics tools to improve your campaign performance.

The monthly plans allow you to send unlimited emails and pricing differs by the number of subscribers.The lowest subscription plan begins at $10 per month for up to 500 subscribers,$15 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers and $20 per month for up to 1,500 subscribers.

If you cancel your account, then MailChimp shuts you down for spamming, you will not get refunds for unused credits.

Form Design Tools :

MailChimp allows you to either design your forms entirely from scratch or use their GUI to design a professional looking form.If you want to do everything yourself, they also give you the raw code and you have full control over the look and feel of everything. They have many templates to choose from.MailChimp provides the design freedom to the customer

Marketing Campaign :

MailChimp helpful for the beginners,simply import your list, create and send a campaign, and start building your audience. MailChimp also connected to Google account. we can import from email marketing platform Constant Contact, or grab the information from third-party providers.

MailChimp has an very good tracking option. You can also send MailChimp information about which links the recipient clicked and what orders were placed. Mailchimp requires users to have a paid account in order to use the auto-responders.It gives all the information about the recipient. if you send email to all the subscriber you can also post on twitter,facbook,etc.,

Pros of Mailchimp

  1. It provides Free plan for very small businesses.
  2. It integrates with lots of third-party.
  3. It provides great help for the materials
  4. Low-cost plans
  5. Built-in templates and editor to customize campaigns.

Cros of Mailchimp

  1. Free plans don’t have analytics tools or an auto-responder.
  2. Can’t immediately set up a paid plan.
  3. Reports are not in the real-time.
  4. It takes lots of time to refresh.

Create your MailChimp Account :

To start MailChimp’s free account first create  a username and secure password. It wants to make sure the account is set correctly and won’t be used for spam. MailChimp also requires a valid URL for your website.From the dashboard by clicking the my name and enter to Account Settings screen you can see how many messages you have send and whom you have send and also you can find for how many people you are sending messages. MailChimp can verify you are not a spammer. MailChimp is more aggressive about its checks.


MailChimp is easy to set up and easy to use.If you are a small business looking to get started with email marketing with the least amount of fuss, then choose MailChimp of your toolbox.

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