Infusionsoft vs Ontraport – Comparison & Review 2019

Let’s get the comparison started between Infusionsoft vs Ontraport .

You can also read short detailed reviews about each of them below if you don’t want to spend too much time on this 3000 word detailed comparison.

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This post is a comparison between the two of the best marketing automation software’s out there Infusionsoft and Ontraport. Both the products are great in their own ways, and they also have their own disadvantages. Hope this comparison will make it easier for you to take a decision about the software which will suit your business better. Let’s find out whats better than infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft vs Ontraport :

infusionsoft vs Ontraport

My Opinion About Using Infusionsoft

1. The User experience starting from signing up to infusionsoft to using its features is very good . The User Interface is clean , well designed and easy to use.

2. Their Customer service is not very good compared to ontraport, due to slow response times . There seems to be a lot of requests to customer support by its users. Also some staff are not fully aware of how infusionsoft works and integrates with other services. This might have happened due to hiring of new people for custom support who are not fully trained how to work with the software.

3. Infusionsoft is one of the biggest company, and it’s only going to get bigger. But when you have any technical issues you cannot get an answer directly from the tech support chat. Rather you have to reach the top service department via support ticket instead. This is frustrating when we need a quick answer to a simple problem like integration questions.

4. The managers are awesome. The assistant manager I have been working with is an experienced one. She knocked my monthly bill way down since I did not use the Infusionsoft account which I had.

5. Infusionsoft charges for every little feature you wanted which I am not a fan of.  Events and coaching package are expensive and functionalities that should have been built-in comes at an extra cost like creation of membership sites …

My Opinion About Using Ontraport

1. Ontraport is a small company that is more concerned about the small things then the big ones!. Their customer service is far better when compared to Infusionsoft. They are very flexible in all cases like if a launch in on process they will extend the time for you and even have someone to watch things for you.

2. I like small companies working hard for you so that you will be treated better. And sometimes it makes a big difference.

3. The software design and look does not make you excited but it easy to use than Infusionsoft. Ontraport grows slowly but they are focusing to satisfy their customers requirements. This gives me to trust on Ontraport that they will manage their growth wisely and continue implementing new features to satisfy future growth levels.

4. One downside about these small companies, they will not be available all 24 / 7 hours and support will not be provided instantly which is frustrating on many occasions.

Plans , Pricing :

Infusionsoft Pricing

Upfront Cost: $2000 + Kickstart Package

Monthly Rate: Starting from $199 – $379 per month

click to see packages

1. Instant signup is not available. You have to talk to the sales representative unless you purchase from an Infusionsoft Certified Partner.

2. The upfront investment is mandatory for coaching experience.

3. It is a corporate environment.

4. They don’t offer any free trial and there is no money back guarantee.

5. Only 500k emails can be sent to your customers for email marketing each month.

Ontraport Pricing

Upfront cost: N/A – No upfront cost
Monthly rate: Starts from $297 to $597

Click to see price breakdown

Pure User Experience


1. Provides you with good coaching and helps to you learn and understand how to strategize your marketing campaign using Infusionsoft.

2. It may take few weeks or months to learn and setup everything by yourself. But you can hire some ontraport specialist to setup things for you sooner.

3. Campaigns is a cool feature and is amazing to use.

4. Traditionally overwhelming for new users and it has a great design and easy navigation.

5. It has a fast and excellent customer service and is available for 24 / 7 hours.


1. Initial consultation and orientation is free and is fantastic for beginners.

2. It is easy to learn and set up.

3.Things like writing emails and automation can be done faster with Ontraport than campaign builder.

4. Less overwhelming for new users and very simple navigation. Its design is poor and there is a delay in customer service except for dedicated one and personal plans.


Deliverability :


1.  Poor deliverability issues when using infusion is often mentioned historically on many online forums. But I think it has been fixed now as i haven’t noticed a significant difference between ontraport and infusionsoft delivery rates.

2. Many email providers were used by the people in the past to broadcast the emails and also for the reason that Infusionsoft struggled with deliverability.

3. Autoresponder has never shown the sign of poor deliverability

4. Infusionsoft sends all the emails through one domain / IP Address.If the domain gets down then the emails will suffer deliverability and suffer until Infusionsoft works to get it unblacklisted.

5. The emails will be monitored 24 / 7 hours.


1. There are no deliverability issues faced till date.In fact, the marketers are moving to Ontraport due ti its excellent deliverability.

2. Op quickly deliver the mail easily because it contains huge list and emailers for delivering purpose. It does not affected by others.

3. Deliverability is good for all broadcast & autoresponder emails.

Email Creation and Deliverability :


1. Broadcasting emails take only a few minutes to create and send.

2. Create a template and save it.Broadcast emails can be created quickly.Select the segment which you want to send based on the tags you have created and then publish.Preview emails are easy to send and receive.

3. Always send both HTML and text version because not all the clients will have an HTML allowed in their system.

4. Creating HTML email is simple and easy with the help of Infusionsoft drag and drops builder.The drag and drop builder is flexible and it takes only a few minutes to learn its working process.

5. Email builder does not take a raw HTML Codings. You can also create custom fields and there are limited merge fields to the contact information. That will be annoying when you are work on fulfilment automation, when you need to have order information in a merge field.


1. Emails that are only text or HTML text are easy and simple to create.

2. The emails can be saved easy and can be used in autoresponders to save your time and effort as in Infusionsoft.

3. Formatting HTML emails are bit tricky than Infusionsoft’s drag and drop email builder.

4. You can merge fields like contact informations , customer order informations.

Autoresponder :


1. OP cannot see how easy and simple is to create and maintain an autoresponder using Infusionsoft’s campaign builder.It is very flexible in which you can do date, tag important events such as birthdays, monthly reports etc.

2. If the statements are limited you must create your own.All the automation is based on the action that is the user have to click something to make anything happen.Some of the available autoresponder types are Email, voice (extra cost), letter (have to have your own fulfilment), task.


1. Autoresponder sequence is created in a linear format, and so you have to choose how you want your sequence.

2. The sequence can be created faster, but it is a little bit complicated.

3. If then customizations are unlimited and can be customized by you out of the box and they are ready to be used.

4.  Autoresponder types available are Email, voice (no extra cost), post-card (on-demand printing), SMS text (pay for usage), task.

Capture Methods:

If you need any other capture method other than web form or manual submission, then you can go with Aweber or Instant Customer. You can set up surveys using custom fields using both the soft wares.The surveys can be easily sent to your email list and based on the response you get you can launch the sequence.

Web Analytics  and Tracking:


1. It was launched to give us some information about the customer and also to know about the conversion rate in the market through analytics. But it is of no use without a third party software.

2. Their analytics features are completely non useful, when you have free Google Analytics and Clicky Stats for advanced analytics of your website.

3. The visits are not accurate.There is no way to calculate the conversion rate. Though it is an easy calculation, it is impossible since the visits are not accurate.

4. Lack of this data is not a huge problem because there are other ways of getting it. The thing is it is so annoying not to have all at one place.

5. It does not give you any information whether or not the customer visited your website.


1. Tracks views and conversations easily and integrates with your website.

2. It also tracks the customer visits. You can know when they stop and if they are not stopping you can send them an email based on the Intel.

3. Ontraport can be used as your only analytic package.

A / B Testing :

Infusionsoft allows split testing, but it is complicated and cumbersome. Ontraport has better split testing features builtin such as split testing of landing pages, email subject lines,  email copy, etc along with tracking of clicks.

Reporting :


  1. Reports can display any amount of data needed, there is no limit to it. But important reports such as sales , earnings are not available in a quick view. But any specific report can be made to appear for a quick glance with some configurations.
  2. Creating a custom dashboard to display only the information needed to analyse your online business is hard to setup.
  3. Limited to a simple calculations and no option for even custom division and multiplication. CSV Export is the only useful export.


  1. The core data which is needed by the marketer is easily available, configured and tracked automatically.
  2. User activity reports show all the activities including visits to the site.
  3. There are only a limited data set, custom report, and export option and also built-in already-configured reports for campaigns, ads, lead sources, media, etc.

Customer Service:


1. It is the biggest company and they have several layers of customer service but they do not have a dedicated customer service.

2. It is easy to get them on the phone and than in online chat and their support staff are available for 24 x 7 hours throughout the day.

3.  Whichever country you are located there will be someone who will attend your support request. Online Coaching support is also great.


1. The customer service is excellent than in Infusionsoft as you get to know them and they get to know you and your business. There will be a personal touch between the customer and the company.

2. They will not be available at all the time but only on rare occasion for a launch or something. There is no open phone support.Mostly everything is done through emails and chat. But this may cause frustration if we need a quick response.

3. There is a profession service available that will do anything for you. If required, you can also hire them for doing things which you do not want to do.

4. Setup is awesome which will do things like integration with your site, adding tracking codes, setting up your first campaigns, etc.

Community and Events :


Infusionsoft has been holding 5-6 major events like Infusioncon and Infusionsoft University every year and they also encourage the local meet-ups across the country. “Marketer of the Year” contest is really great.


It had held its first user conference which was awesome in which they brought out some big names like Eben Pagan and Frank Kern.


Shopping Cart :


1. It ‘s hard to customise the shopping cart and design of order form, but with the new ones it’s easier to change to new designs. To manage a secure site, the Infusionsoft-hosted shopping cart is the best option, but it can mess up with your conversations depending upon the industry to which you belong to.

2. The shopping cart’s are already integrated with Paypal for payments. You can use the shopping cart with the use of an iframe on your website but it is not recommended and ‘s hard to track, and design and also some browsers do not like it.

3. With infusionsoft you can choose multiple steps for checkout or a single step checkout page to improve conversion rate. There is only minimal integration with Magento , Shopify and other shopping platforms which is important if you use a shopping platform like shopify or magento.


1. No shopping cart option is provided and order forms are used instead.

Order Forms:


1. Their new order form design looks good than their older version. But the disadvantage is that new order forms are not self-hosted like the old ones.

2. Using Formulator, you can have a full control over your order forms but you also have to spend more of your money if you need any more customization.

3. Paypal payment is built in with the order forms and you can can disable them via a check box if necessary.

4. Infusionsoft’s order process can be made into two steps than a single step process. Using custom fields in order forms is not allowed now but this is expected to change.


1. The order forms in OP are flexible, and they are easy to create, all from a single page of OP setting. It is a self-hosted or OP-hosted order forms.

2. WordPress will be integrated automatically with the order form, and if you have SSL on your blog, you can use the order form seamlessly.

3. Paypal payment integration is very easy and custom fields can be added easily to the order forms unlike infusionsoft.

Adding Products , Subscription Services :


1. Product database is unlimited and can be easily grouped into categories.

2. SKUs can be managed easily, and you can upload multiple products at once. This applies to digital products and custom subscription packages as well.


1. Adding product and subscriptions are very simple. As the shopping cart option is not available, it is mostly used for digital products.

3. If you sell digital products and has a membership sites , Ontraport is the best.


Voicemail Services:


1. Infusionsoft providers this functionality which is used to add the voicemail to a broadcast or autoresponders.


1. Voicemails are free to use as its built into Ontraport. But with infusionsoft it is necessary to set up a third party app called voice shot to add this feature to Infusionsoft.

Landing Pages:


  1. It provides a drag and drop landing page builder which is easy to use than ontraport builder.


  1. Ontraport also has the landing page builder by which you can build a landing page in few minutes using its easy features.

Upsells and Downsells :


1. This functionality is not available. But we can use third party addons to get this feature.


1. Unlimited up sell and down sell features are built-in to Ontraport.

2. You can also host you own upsells or down sells or it can be hosted on their secured server.

Personal URLs:


1. This functionality is not available. But additional third party software can be purchased to get this feature.


1. It can be used with their built-in postcards, emails, and landing pages.

2. Landing pages can be completely customised with Unlimited merge codes.

Split-Testing :


1. Built-in functionality and conversation data’s are not available. If the split test is required, then you have to bootstrap it using tags or have to purchase a third-party software.


1. Split testing features is also integrated which offers features such as split test emails among groups , email subject lines and much more.

Membership Sites


1. This functionality is not provided but we can integrate infusionsoft easily with other membership software or platforms.


1. Built-in functionality and by using WordPress and Ontraport they create their membership sites.

2. The pilot plugin integrates membership functionality is awesome.

WordPress Integration:


1. This functionality is not available. Additional third party software can be purchased to get infusionsoft integrated with your WordPress site.


1. You can fully integrate with WordPress for tracking, affiliate centre, landing pages, order forms, and membership sites.

2. It is necessary to have a configured WordPress and activated Ontraport’s Pilot Press Plugin on your own domain.

There are other alternative software for infusionsoft as well as ontraport. Check out our recommendations for infusionsoft alternatives and for Ontraport Alternatives.

Hope you have come to a conclusion on choosing the best Marketing Automation software suited for your marketing needs with this detailed comparison of Infusionsoft vs Ontraport. If you have any question on what to choose for your business you can contact us here

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