Hubspot Review , Pricing & Demo 2017

Hubspot is one of the best marketing automation platforms. It supports all the sizes of business like small, medium and large. It creates a solid, unique Web presence.It converts the traffic into leads help to track and analysis the business and made them grow effectively. It is flexible to all type of business and it also handles B2B and B2C business. This includes accounting, construction, retail, and more.

Hubspot offers the variety of features to improve and promote the content.  It handles management tools and allows the users to control and optimize the content.  It provides the tips and tricks to improve ranking and leading quality. It allows the users to manage the email and social media.

It increases the conversation between the brands, track the visitor sites, ensure the leads and contracted at the right time. The system also integrates with the best CRM and e-commerce platform. It not only understand the business, it also change the company’s market growth. It makes success and popularity among other sites. It helps for the online business. It provides tools, tips for online business. It analysis to make smart marketing investments.

Hubspot mainly focused on three things they are

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales
  3. Customer relationship


It automates your email campaigns and generates more qualified leads.It allows you to build beautiful emails without any coding and you can choose dozens of triggers conditions and send the right emails to the right time.It will always track your emails and allow to grow and replenish your database and contacts.

The visual editor easy to understand workflows in real time. It will trigger your internal notifications and easily manage your data in bulk by updating properties, copying values, and more.


By using sales you can track your email at any time. You get a desktop notification when you opens your email and clicks a link inside.HubSpot Sales gives you tools to scale up your sales without adding to your workload. It allows you to create and test email templates.

Customer relationship

HubSpot CRM gives you the power to manage all of your contacts and deals without any spreadsheets or overcomplicated features.It connects your sales and market tools and allows every customer and complete control over an entire feature.

It connects Gmail, outlook so that you can send emails, book meetings, place calls if you have doubt you can share our ideas and other things. Sync up HubSpot Marketing, and you will be able to see which content leads are consuming and understand where they are in the buyer’s journey.


Content Management – You can create, edit pages and build your own website without any skills and technical needs. You can use the internet browser to manage your website.

Search Engine Optimization -It provides best SEO tools. It is very easy to use and make the SEO process simple. You can save your amount doing by yourself.

Lead Forms -It will capture your visitors by using web forms, so it is very easy and does not need any programming features to capture the website visitors. It offers alters your salespeople about new leads automatically.

Landing Pages -It allows you to create and build own landing pages with forms and content. You want to pay for search engine marketing and search optimation.

Website Analytics -It will measure your website traffic activities and compare with other websites.It will optimize your marketing investment and gets more profit.

Hubspot plan

There are three HubSpot plan namely

  1. Basic
  2. Pro
  3. Enterprise

Basic plan

The basic plan is the best and entry tools for the new to Inbound marketing. The plan price starts at $200 per month. It supports 100 Contacts. It includes Content Creation Tools, Content Optimization, Email Marketing, Social Media Suite.

Pro plan

The pro plan is suitable for the professional marketing. The plan price starts at $200 per month. It supports 1000 Contacts. In addition to features than the basic plan. It includes Content Creation Tools, Content Optimization, Email Marketing, Social Media Suite, A/B Test Emails, Marketing Automation, Goal Based Nurturing, Custom Workflows.

Enterprise plan

The enterprise plan is an advanced platform for marketing teams. The plan price starts at $2400 per month. It supports 10,000 contacts. It supports lots of features that improve your marketing. It includes Revenue Reporting, Custom Event Reporting, Custom Event Automation Triggers, Predictive Lead Scoring, Contacts Reporting, Company Reporting, Event-Based Segmentation.


Hubspot’s Pros and Cons


The platform is easy to use –It is one of the beautifully designed product. It did a great job for small business owners and medium business owner.

7-day free trial– It gives a trail pack for the new customers. It offers the free trial and also tools for marketing automation.

Educating their users – It offers training for their customers and tips for improving their marketing system.  It offers separate online training for the online marketing.

A place for all your tools– It offers 99% of Hubspot’s functionality for free. It is easy and convenient to work in one place.


Requires a 12-month contract –  Annual billing payment services. It would be preferable to have a rolling month-on-month contract.

Technical support is paid – Implementing Hubspot is fairly straight-forward, but if you do require ongoing technical support, you’ll have to pay for it.

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